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About Hospicare

Hospicare Frail Care and Assisted Living Centres offers day-care, short term, overnight and long-term permanent residence in either a full frail care facility or assisted living environments.

Housed in the safety and tranquility of Retirement Villages, specialized Senior Service includes 24/7 Professional nursing care, catering for all Meals & Nutritional Requirements, Administering of Medicine & Prevention of Bedsores, Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy, General Hygiene & Assistance with Ablutions, Mobility Exercises & Daily Activities, Hair Care, Manicure & Podiatry, Music & Art Therapy, All Laundry Requirements.

Our staff is fully trained and skilled in working with persons with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and care to people diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis). We also care for post-operative Orthopaedic patients.

We’re also offering chronic kidney dialysis as a value-added service to young and old in our Roodepoort community – housed at our Kruinpark Frail Care Centre.  Our Dialysis Centre achieved a 98% score on the Verification Audit conducted by Injury Solutions who independently serve the large Medical Aid Schemes. We are now open to offer nocturnal/night dialysis so that our younger patients can seize back their social and working calendars.

Our dedicated staff is kind and passionate and we are proud to comply to the highest COVID-19 safety protocol.

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